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About Sal

Certified and member of the Association for Integrative Psychology

Clinical and Behavioral Master Hypnotherapist

Certified NLP practitioner 

Certified EFT practitioner

20 year spiritual scholar of Eastern metaphysics,

psychology, and meditation

As a very troubled young child living in war-torn Afghanistan, I struggled with myself and others throughout my early life. My notion of peace was one that I pursued outside of myself, and I suffered. The answer --the voice of my "true self"-- echoed throughout my consciousness for a long time, begging to be heard and promising relief. Unknowingly, however, I subdued this voice consistently. I continued suffering many horrific experiences into my teen years, which made it very hard for me to keep and maintain any intimate relationships.  I had chronic pain, as well as constant fear.  I would have terrible recurring nightmares that would jolt me out of bed. PTSD and severe anxiety finally took me to therapy, in which I struggled through another 5 years of immense pain and frustration because I was not seeing results in any of my sessions.  Thousands of dollars later I realized that I was essentially paying all this money just to be listened to, and it made me quite frustrated.  I was on the brink of divorce and immense personal struggle, as I desperately needed relief from all my years of inner detachment.  I was slowly killing myself, constantly overworking myself so that I didn't have to sit through the disturbing thoughts in my mind. Throughout this time, I extensively studied Eastern Metaphysics with a Grand Master for 20 years. I became in awe of what could be achieved by simply focusing my lens internally. And so, the seeds planted in me by my teacher finally sprouted, and I finally found my "true self". There were so many good things that emerged from me after hitting rock bottom.  One of of these things was the precise and practical method I created so that I could help others like myself.  I was a Quality Control Engineer for 15 years, which gave me the strong background in analytics that I needed in order to formulate my method. Through experience and finding my true gifts, I realized that helping others was the way I wanted to proceed in life.  I derive a lot of joy and immense happiness from my work. I have made my program very clear and effective, and I combine many methods to achieve very drastic results in a short period of time.  I am very result oriented and practical, and my approach is always: "how do I achieve the best results in the shortest time possible?".  I always start with a clear vision of where I want to take my clients, and I am relentless in achieving that goal. Most clients experience amazing results by just the first session!